Lastarria and Fine Arts Area seeking to become Area Tourist Interest


Last year , more than 624,000 people climbed the hill San St. Lucia , one of the capital’s icons. Of that total, 224,000 were foreigners. ” It is common also to those people then go down to the Aubrey area ,” said Director of Tourism of the Municipality of Santiago , Isabel Bórquez .

Attractive places for tourists there are plenty there. Cultural spaces , such as GAM and Mavi , bookstores, cafes, emergent design and a generous selection of bars and restaurants have made Aubrey at one of the stops of the city.

Now , neighbors and tenants want to consolidate this industry profile, so they are preparing a project to develop, in conjunction with the Fine Arts section , in the first area of Tourist Interest ( Zoit ) of Santiago.

Until last year, that the declaration gave SERNATUR . However, in November 2012 came into force a decree regulating and modernizing the procedure. Now, the decision of which places become Zoit rests with a committee composed of seven ministers , including Economy , Environment, Culture and National Heritage .

This group meets twice a year and its next meeting will be in December. In that instance Aubrey ask neighbors stating as tourist attractions this cultural and gastronomic center .

Juan Luis Torres , adviser to the Secretary of Tourism , says the areas that become get priority in getting resources and state funding programs . ” They have more chance to win promotion plans or infrastructure , such as asset recovery Minvu ” he explains.

In the metropolitan area there were two places who held that title : San José de Maipo and wetland Batuco . With the new regulation should run again and lost it .

future Projects

Alfonso Molina , president of the Professional Association of Aubrey , that , earlier this year , they learned the new way to obtain this declaration . ” As we are one of the most attractive sectors for tourists and as such we want to consolidate , we say postularnos ” says the entrepreneur.

Then they invited the tenants and institutions in the area of Fine Arts, enhanced with the idea for that status. ” After that , we define the area to be covered by the project, bounded by Forest Park , Alameda Street and Miraflores triangle ” , we needed Molina.

Last Thursday they held in GAM ‘s first meeting. That involved neighborhood associations , tenants , and representatives of the municipality and the Secretary of Tourism .

Today , the group is working on completing the application form of the declaration , which should include , inter alia, an assessment of the sector and a survey of tourism , catering and accommodation . This work will conclude in July and hope it helps professionals the GAM . ” The neighborhood has all the merits for the declaration and I think we will get ,” said Alejandra Wood, the director of the cultural center.

Along with that , store owners must submit a plan of action with specific proposals to enhance the neighborhood. Although this is still in design, the president of the tenants said to aim to give more value to Villavicencio and José Ramón Gutiérrez streets , linking with GAM Aubrey .

“These are roads that have little commercial equipment today , but have potential for further development. We also want to promote the arrival of cutting-edge design shops to have visitors all day and not just at lunchtime and in the evening , “says Molina.

They will also promote infrastructure plans , such as a bicycle path that reaches the forest park , new lighting and recycling points .